This is how long it took Justin to sell out his first Madison Square Garden show (or MSG as he likes to call it, which is just a little weird as every time he says it, all it makes me think of is Chinese food and feeling sick…but alas I digress). The movie Never Say Never is all about Justin Bieber.

You know I never thought much of Bieber. I was totally turned off by the commercial aspect of his work and the millions of screaming children. After watching this documentary however I was pleasantly surprised and even INSPIRED. I never in my right mind would have thought this to be possible. But of course my opinion was based on who I thought or what I thought he was (well that and the ridiculous nature in which young girls seem to go insane when around him…and I mean insane to the point where it’s slightly disturbing).

Now in this documentary they take us through when Justin was a baby (like 2 days ago!). They talk and show all of how his talents manifested at such a young age. And to be honest it is pretty incredible. It seems he did it all…I mean drums, keys, guitar, trumpet, voice, dance…heck and he does them all well! That’s more than I can say for myself and many brilliant people I know….so right there who am I to bash. Really just go to youtube and put in Justin Beiber home videos

He was also one of the cutest kids. I mean look at that face and those eyes…it’s kinda undeniable…

I highly recommend you watch the video as it is actually quite interesting. What I did find a bit strange however is how often they talked about the hard work, and yet showed a very small portion of it. I’m a little tired of the media doing this. I want to know the day in and day out of someone who’s ‘worked hard’, not just the knowledge of it. If you’re gonna keep talking about it, find a way to really show it. Now I’m not questioning whether or not he works hard…he couldn’t do what he does if he didn’t, I’m just not really sure why they don’t highlight what it takes, the ups and downs???? I realize this film was predominantly geared towards teen (and sometimes older) girls, but I just felt like saying stop telling us how hard it is to get him where he is and instead show us. It just perpetuates the myth and glamour of the industry, and I feel this is a very detrimental picture to paint for young people.

In conclusion on Justin Bieber alone, I actually have a lot of respect for the guy. He really has stepped into his role, or at least the role he has been asked to play. I’m not sure intellectually if he is up to snuff, but then again I really don’t know him. He is young and talented and I can’t even imagine what his life is like…I definitely can say I don’t envy him.

Now for a more inquisitive note…

1. What’s gonna happen when he gets older?
And I don’t mean just career wise, but he’s really short. And don’t take this as me saying there’s something wrong with this, but in our celebrity society and the way we portray men this just doesn’t fit. He’s 5’7″, that’s an inch taller than me!!! I guess there is Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg),

who’s 5’8″ and he’s prolonged his career (even if it has been with acting)…But don’t you just wonder as Bieber’s whole image is around his cuteness and all. I mean what if he doesn’t age well?!?? All I can say, is this is one of the many things going through my mind, and I thought I’d share. If they just focused his career a bit more on his talent and less on his looks he’d probably be ok. But come on let him do his thing, let him start being an ARTIST.

2. I’m not sure I get it?
Yeah in many ways this kid is awesome, people wanna watch him…that much I get…the absolute sensation he’s become I’m not totally sure I understand. Psychologically speaking, the behaviour some of his fans display is actually upsetting. I guess in some ways it has always existed, take Elvis for example…

But with Bieber, and maybe it’s because there are just so many girls, it’s borderline mentally unstable behaviour and I’m not sure why this is looked at as a good thing. I’m trying to rationally think about what it is adding to their lives?! I get music, I get performance, heck that’s why I’m in the business, but when it goes beyond someone or something moving you and making you feel good, to hysterical behaviour that one can’t control, this to me crosses into the realm of mental health. What I’m saying might seem extreme and I know that not everyone of his fans gets this crazy (well lets say %10 of them stay ‘normal’), but at a certain point it actually seems unhealthy.

I really can’t imagine he’s adding so much to their lives that they are better people, or feel better about themselves…maybe they do and I’m totally wrong, but there is something in watching these young women around him or his name that is very unsettling. I have no intention of this reflecting badly on him as in some ways I think he’s a bit of a pawn in a game of chess where the other pieces have complete control and money is the reigning king, however it is distressing non-the-least. What kind of a world do we live in that our idols have very little actual substance, or at the very least are presented as such?

Now his team of people working for him are presented as being awesome…the movie even makes Bieber himself pretty awesome. But I guess I wonder what really goes on behind the scenes, who are these people really ,and just how hard did they work to get him where he is? I want to see the nitty-gritty, the raw, and the ugly. I believe that’s why documentaries are made, to show the underbelly and vulnerability…I felt the only vulnerability in this display was the short bit they had where he had to cancel a show and go on vocal rest cause he had performed already 82 shows….well duh?!?!!??!

Anyways there was one quote in it that I liked and thought was very on point…one of Justin’s right hand men, while discussing giving away free tickets said “Little things go a very long way……..The moment we forget that, it’s over.” In fact this quote to me says so much more than how the guy was implying it, and it really made me think. It made me think of the things in my own life that apply this rule…it’s almost written in nature. I’m gonna be thinking about this for a little while, mulling it over in my head!

I’m really glad I watched the doc and hope you might too, you might be surprised! If you have seen it, or you happen across this post because you love Justin Bieber I would love to have your comments. I wanna know why you LOVE him, what love is to you, and what he adds to your life???? I am just so curious…I wanna understand something that is not within ME.

I look forward to hearing from you!


ps – can i tell you every time I type his name it tells me I’m spelling something wrong!!! Why is it just not in the system lol?