Hello home people and beyond…I don’t have proper wifi and can’t upload photos, but here’s a little note to tide you over…

This weekend I spent in Hamburg with my beautiful friend Jules. I was so happy to see here and see where she lives. She toured me around and I knowing nothing about the city soaked in as much as I could. Me being me didn’t go out Saturday night, so yes I missed the crazy party/sex/drugs/people galore district. I had such a blast and am so glad I got visit you Jules…I love you girl!!!

Now I’m in Berlin and reunited with my other beauty friend Irene, who in fact picked me up from the bus station. We spent the day roaming around and wouldn’t you know the bombed church is under construction…kinda like the time we went to Athens and the Acropolis was closed!!! But nevertheless we had a great day and lots more to come tomorrow. As soon as I have better internet I’ll be posting more pics!!!! Until then check out www.facebook.com/piperhayes or Instagram (piperhayes) or twitter @PiperCanSing

Till then!!!