Today we did a bit of history hunting. It’s incredible how much has happened on this soul and how much of it I didn’t know or at the very least didn’t remember learning task management app. Part of me feels like we leant absolutely no ‘real’ history in school. It’s really too bad, because being here it’s truly fascinating and hard to believe. Which then makes me think of the fact that we love in a world where things like the Berlin Wall, bombed buildings, and structures set on fire still exist. I start to think about what history are we living that people will look back upon and think ‘wow that wasn’t that long ago, this happened where I’m standing’.

It amazing to see and feel the people, culture, energy, and memories of this city. A place once divided and even in my lifetime. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I have also fallen in love with a man…

More to come.