IMG_2149What to write about today?! Brilliant thoughts often strike me when I’m least expecting them, and when I actually sit down to write, I never can think of what I want to say. I suppose I wanted to make sure you all knew I made it home safe. And more importantly to honour those who gave me so much love along the way. I had an incredible three months with family, friends, new friends and one off folks who made my life on my whirlwind tour. I cannot thank you all  enough. This brings me to my main point today, giving thanks. I have more thank yous to personally handout than I think I ever have had in my life and does it ever feel good. All the people who contributed in any large or small way, don’t think it went unnoticed. All along the way one person after another would surprise me with overwhelming support. Whether you put me up, helped host a show, came to a show, bought a CD, asked me to play an impromptu tune, donated to the cause, and the list goes on and on and on. I wanted to make sure I honoured you in some small way so that you know just how much it meant to me. To have you all along for the ride just makes the ride that much more sweet.

1. My parents (Maggie and Kerry) as they are always my number one fans; they make it out to any and all shows that they possibly can and contribute more than anyone else in the world ever could.

2. All the incredible people who hosted me in the cities I went to; Zoe (my sister) and Eildih and Katie in Glasgow, Aunt Rona, Uncle Alisdair and Uncle Malcolm in Edinburgh (and all their incredible kids Lucy, Mark, Annabelle…), Lizzie and Kordan in Dublin (and Nicole for being the connector), Jamie and Sean in London, Jen and Nick for the use of your apartment in Paris, Irene and Jasper not only for hosting me for one whole week but also putting on and hosting the house concert of a lifetime, Jessie for getting me over to Spain and taking care of me in Madrid, Min and The Yellow hostel in Rome for hosting a show and putting me up, Jenna and Yanis for being the best cousins ever and having me stay with them in Athens (Jenny for taking me all around town and not letting me spend a cent), Gwen and Vagili for getting me out to Mykonos and hosting me in their incredibly beautiful home and feeding me delicious meals, Uncle Eric, Auntie Mena and cousin Quincy for taking stupendous care of me while in Nepal (your generosity has been absolutely humbling), all the incredible people in india who I met and don’t know your names from the women on the train to the guy in Mumbai who helped me buy a ticket at the station (and in the end wouldn’t even let me pay for it ;-)), Lisa (for getting me to India) and her group, Kaama Kethna for having me on as a volunteer and everyone I met there; Panta, Deana, David, Jo, Stephanie, Badal (and all the others in the kitchen and cleaning crew, you are incredible), Lise for going shopping with me and spending too much money lol, Adrian for creating the funniest last night EVER (with Lise of course), and lastly Sonal in Mumbai for being the most wonderful woman and giving me the best last day in India.

3. Those who made long and or unexpected journeys to see a show Aunt Liz, Nicole, Malcolm and Ellie, Lindsay, Ang, Danielle, my friends from St. Christopher’s in Barcelona especially Britt and Emily, Larry for taking me to all the open mics and being the coolest guitar blues player (I am honoured you played my little travel guy), the Thomson clan, My parents, My cousins, My Aunts and Uncles, my new and old friends!!

4. All of the incredible people at NAG Nepal…check them out they are incredible. Nicole you are just the bees knees.

There’s one last humungo thank you that needs to go out and that is to my best friend Irene. She helped me plan, book, create and execute this tour. Without her I definitely would not have achieved the same success, and I am forever grateful and lucky to call her my friend.   If I’ve forgotten anyone on here please remind me…I might come back tomorrow just to make sure I haven’t. If you know someone mentioned here, please share it with them so they might know too how much I love them.