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Big Red

I met Carson three and a half years ago on his dad, Ted Thorpe’s...

Eastern Canada June 2018

TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT TIME! It’s time for us to hit the road again and we...

This Mother’s Day

For you mumbo… “My mum and I had a language of our own, we...

SERFA Official Showcase Artists 2018

Well folks I can still hardly believe it, but Carson and I have been...

Our Folk Alliance Fun

Well we did it. We attended Folk Alliance International 2018 with great success. This...

Piper Hayes at Winterfolk XVI

Hey folks! I’m really excited to announce that I will be performing at Winterfolk...

I’m on Spotify

Hey all you cool cats! Did you know you can listen to the new...

Piper Hits the Road with her new album ‘Piper & Carson’

Come cozy up with me and Carson this winter in Southern Ontario! We have...

We Made Cover Story

I still can’t really believe that Carson and I were on the cover of...
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