Full Circle

Back when Zoey Gould  and I were working on a show about Lhasa De Sela I posted a cover of one of her songs (Fools Gold). The recording was very DIY and probably a bit fuzzy, but recently I heard from her nephew.
He shared with me his experiences of loss and how deeply his aunt had affected him and his own music. The other day I got a message with some new music he recorded and I think it’s fantastic. Please take a listen to this new friend of mine…
I do love when life can come full circle and we have time to share with others. Share in our pain, share in the beauty, share the question what am living for?
Death is inevitable, but what will we do when we are here?

An Open Letter To My Audiences…

I’m feeling pretty supported and loved right now. Lately I’ve been challenging my own ideas of what support, kindness, understanding and generosity are. I’ve been asking myself what I value and attempting to help others feel their value as well as feel my own.
Last weekend we had a community music event at the farm. We had an incredible musician come out and share their stories. They were one with the crowd and the evening was simply magic. We were asking people to donate a minimum of $5 for the event. All proceeds to go to the musicians who in this case drove all the way from Toronto. We chose $5 as the min amount as it seems very few people with a regular job, who buy coffee, alcoholic drinks, go out to dinner, a movie etc, couldn’t afford. Correct me if I’m wrong. We also were hoping that those who have a little more would give a little more. This would help balance things out and therefore provide the artists with money at the very very least for gas (which is still not enough in my opinion)
Carson Ritcey-Thorpe and I started running the Monthly Sound in January. Each month has been very successful. Wonderful people come out to play and enjoy alike. A community is growing. We are loving it and loving how unique each month is. We are aiming to build a community however, that can sustain artists and give back to those who give us so much of themselves. Last week our artist walked away with $10.25. Later on in the night we managed to ask a few more times and collected another $20 in donations. There were around 20 people in attendance….if everyone gave $5 this would have made $100.

Why I Do What I Do…

How does the music you make contribute to dialogue about work and labour, feminism or social justice?

It is questions like this that bring tears to my eyes. I’ve always felt incredibly interested in raising up the voices of women, including my own. From a young age I was often told I was ‘too loud’. My exuberant, booming voice and persona always seemed as if they were too much for the rest of the world. So in my life I sought out destructive ways to tone myself down.

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strawberryAfter reading an article in the NYTimes I felt compelled to write to the world of the internet in hopes of gaining more knowledge and potentially starting a helpful dialogue on the subject of gender. I do find a lot of the things mentioned in the article below and the way they are mentioned very problematic, however I have had so many thoughts around the ever changing gender debate that I thought I’d share something I just read.
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Iceland Stripped

IMG_5349Although I didn’t win the competition, I have recently been reminded of Iceland once again. It happens about once a year my life is infiltrated with signs or people that are somehow connected to this wonderful place. This time round I realized I never did share my amazing stories and one of my most memorable moments on my trip. A moment that solidified friendship and will never stop making me laugh…ooo and produced some of the best photos…

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