IMG_2149What to write about today?! Brilliant thoughts often strike me when I’m least expecting them, and when I actually sit down to write, I never can think of what I want to say. I suppose I wanted to make sure you all knew I made it home safe. And more importantly to honour those who gave me so much love along the way. I had an incredible three months with family, friends, new friends and one off folks who made my life on my whirlwind tour. I cannot thank you all  enough. This brings me to my main point today, giving thanks. I have more thank yous to personally handout than I think I ever have had in my life and does it ever feel good. All the people who contributed in any large or small way, don’t think it went unnoticed. All along the way one person after another would surprise me with overwhelming support. Whether you put me up, helped host a show, came to a show, bought a CD, asked me to play an impromptu tune, donated to the cause, and the list goes on and on and on. I wanted to make sure I honoured you in some small way so that you know just how much it meant to me. To have you all along for the ride just makes the ride that much more sweet.

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Don’t Ever Think You’re Gonna Get Away With Telling Me What To Do!

imageLast night was very interesting and it reminded me of many things….university and being reckless, going to parties thinking I enjoyed loud techno music dj dance parties, but really just wanted to ‘hook up’, drinking too much, getting emotionally drunk and having a fight with your bf/gf when you probably shouldn’t be together anyways (and at the very least deal your issues before you start drinking), Kimmy’s wedding and the party bus home (for those who where there know exactly what I’m talking about), the joy of being reckless, the joy of being the oldest one at the partying bahaha, finding the other soul you like the most and realizing why you’re on a party bus in the first place, and lastly the reason why I’m posting…telling someone off when the cross the line. Read more →

As it goes

It’s been a little over a week since my last post…in fact my first month, as of today is at an end. I’ve had my highs and lows, goods and bass. It’s interesting to me that some people associate travelling with running away. I in fact find it is often the opposite. When I travel the things that are wonderful about life are tenfold, but so are the things that are not so wonderful. The stresses of life do not disappear, they come at you and they come at you hard. The only difference is you have no choice but to deal with them. It is always while travelling that I realize how crippling some of my anxieties are and I am confronted with the regular comforts readily available to me at home.
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Week One



I cannot believe one week is already over and yet at the same time so much has happened and it feels like much more than a week has already gone by. I have learned so much about myself, my family, and Scotland. I absolutely LOVE it over here and no wonder, because my heritage roots actually go pretty deep. I will recap for you in photos! Read more →

To the east I go…


This week I took the train from Montreal to Halifax! I was in Montreal one night in transition from NYC. I stayed with some incredible friends and even got in a mountain run in the morning!

Then I walked on down to VIA rail I. Montreal where I was asked by the ticketing to sing Frere Jacque so I did haha. Then I got to lounge in the business class area. Free juice, water etc and nice ppl.

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