So I was part of a Bob Dylan tribute night last week. It was at C’est What here in Toronto. I wanted to share a few words on what I discovered in going deeper into learning his incredible music and lyrics.

I started out by looking up a complete list of his works…. boy is that ever impressive. It’s crazy to think that one person can produce so MUCH!!!! How is it even possible. I went through the whole list to see which songs really stuck out at me. Because the show is a tribute night, there was a number of us artists playing (thank god!!!) because learning 4-6 Bob Dylan songs is a real piece of work!! I found there were a couple songs that I hadn’t realized were Bob Dylan and actually three of the ones I chose fit this category.

My list of songs…
1. You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go – Embarassingly I first heard this song because Miley Cyrus did a cover of it on Jimmy Kimmel….

2. I Was Young When I left Home – the version I had heard before I knew it was Dylan’s, was from the ‘Dark Was The Night” Soundtrack (which you should check out if you haven’t…here’s the song

3. It’s Not Dark Yet – I first heard this amazing song on the Wonder Boys soundtrack (another fabulous soundtrack and movie that you should pull up when you got the time)

4. With God On Our Side – This is one of my favorite songs in life I think…the lyrics have just so much meaning for me…again the first version I’d heard of this song was Aaron Neville…to me Bon Iver has nothing on Aaron Neville (even though I love both)

All in all it was such a wonderful experience and I just uncovered so much of my own memories in learning Bobby’s music. I realized just how much his songwriting has influenced my own. I loved his music before, but now I feel like I know why!!!