It’s been too long. Things have been brewing. I’m spending time with myself, with all the parts that make me me. I’m cleaning house and creating foundations. I’ve set aside these next few months to go light on the booking end and heavy on the self examination. As I move into the next cycle of creation I am asking myself the necessary questions. I am making efforts in my life to choose people and this land that sustains us. To focus on all the beings who bring me joy, and reciprocate my love. In this time of self and artistic discovery I’d also like to put a call out to those also seeking. Have you wanted to write a song? Collaborate with someone? Perhaps create something simply for the joy of it?

Why not do it together.

Perhaps you want to talk and take action on something in your life. You’ve been waiting because it didn’t feel like the write time (hehe yes I’m punny). Well I want to suggest that ‘NOW IS THE TIME’. I also want to put the call out to you…yes you…would you like to collaborate with me? Maybe we can write a song, build a community, dismantle these oppressive systems, and forward collective growth. Let’s get creative together. I’m feeling the pull.

So I leave you with this…What is inspiring you to find your voice today? What is inspiring the winds of change?

I’d really love to hear from you. The seed is planted.

ps – one of the first things I did was cut my hair…long overdue and it’s amazing how much release I feel in so many aspects of my life. Sometimes when we change our physical experiences we have the chance to also shift the spirit.




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