We got up really early today to catch our bus to Copenhagen. It was smooth sailing all the way and I’m totally amazed that not once on the train in Berlin did we have out tickets checked!!!

Our bus was 7 hrs, two of which were on a ferry where we got to walk around and go outside. We had our first day of sunshine in a long while…we were so lucky as our whole stay in Berlin was grey and rainy.

Upon arrival we checked into our yoga/organic/healthy hostel. I went for an amazing run around a large pond. And then we headed to Mellerummet for the gig. It went so well and our dear old friends who lived with us in Toronto came out and brought friends. There were also a handful of others who came out and filled out a really lovely attentive audience.

I am immediately in love with this city. I’m so excited to get exploring and coffee shopping tomorrow.

Love from Denmark…