1. Try To Remember

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I remember every year my mum would take a picture of us as we headed out for our first day of school. This was always how my Septembers started. And what a nice memory to have. September and it’s looming quality will often illicit various feelings and emotional states. 

I am lucky I have many fond memories in September to look back upon. The fall has always been my season…I love the smells, the cool air…the feeling that although change can be scary, September is the month to take it on. 

This September is the launch of my very first studio recording ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Like…’. If you’re reading this and don’t know where and when, it is September 18th at the Piston (937 Bloor St. W).

This past week has been semi-tumultuous and it’s been interesting to watch my own process through the ups and downs. After a weekend with old friends, who are basically family and meeting my little niece on her first birthday, followed by a day and two nights with my parents, I feel 80% revived. 

Tomorrow is September 2nd, I will be ending one chapter and taking a new one on. What an idea! All I can say is that once again I feel transformed by the experiences I choose to create. When we clean out the negative influences in our lives, we have space; space to create, space to love, space to live, and most of all space to enjoy and be present. 

I want to post this blog short and sweet. It is a reminder of all the things in my life that I feel replenished by, all the people that make me feel good about who I am and help guide the decisions I make. Who we have in our lives is a choice. And when I look around at who I have to call…well lets just say I can’t count it out on my fingers and toes combined. 

Thank you to all that have supported me, are supporting me, and will support me at some point in my life. For who are we without the ones we love, whether they be present in our lives or in our memories. We are the company we keep and the company we keep is our choice.

Today I chose my parents. And what a day we had. I never feel more loved and more care than when I am with them. They are not perfect, but that is just it, I love them and they love me with all our flaws. They have shown me the way, now I must make way for myself.

Happy September everybody. To new beginnings and endings. Be ready for the change, let it transform you. 

ps – Unfortunately I could not find a picture of me standing on my parents steps for the first day of school, so the picture today is from a school field trip…this is what I miss most about being a kid…is field trips. Often organized and brought to life by my mum! What good memories. Who wants to go apple picking?

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