Hey all you cool cats!

Did you know you can listen to the new album on Spotify!!!!???? Well you can and if you do, we would be oh so happy to have you as a follower…check out the new album as well as all my previous recordings. It’s like a living history over there lol.

Also below you can hear one of my favourite tunes off ‘Piper & Carson’. A song about protecting the most precious aspects of our self, in this case the heart. One of the things we all have in common as human beings is that we all have beating hearts. A wise acting instructor I had when studying in NYC, Larry Arancio, spoke a lot of our beating hearts. He reminded and instilled in me this notion of care. He would ask us to relate to others through this incredible muscle that represents so much of our vulnerabilities. He would give us the exercise of going out into the world and noticing others. Notice how they walk through the world and what shapes them. He would say if you’re having trouble relating to someone or have anger remind yourself of the heart connection.

I believe it is of utmost importance to take care when we engage in relationship with others; that communication is key; and honesty imperative. This song is reminder of accountability. We must be more sensitive and loving in this world, we must learn empathy. We must consider the roles we play and how we affect others. The world depends on it and there has maybe never been a more important time to wake up.


In love and solidarity!





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