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Join us tonight and tomorrow in the celebration of the new album!

‘Piper & Carson’ will officially be released into the world tomorrow (Friday) with a show tonight Dec 7th in Hamilton at This Ain’t Hollywood and tomorrow Dec 8th in Toronto at The Dakota Tavern. I cannot believe how quickly these last few months have whipped by. Really this whole last year has been such a beautiful and painful whirlwind. We want to celebrate this new music and the meaning behind it all with you. We are so so so so excited for these dates and it’s been difficult to hold back. There are so many wonderful things to share and it feels like the blessings keep coming.

Just the other  night as we arrived back into Hamilton I spotted a snowy owl…or really I should say a snowy owl appeared to me. We had to do a double take. Carson circled back around and I got out of the car to say my thanks and take in it’s beauty under the supermoon.

Mum loved birds, she spotted them everywhere we went. When I was younger, I used to laugh and poke fun at her enthusiasm and determination to catch a glimpse of what I now too see as majestic creatures from other times and worlds. When she passed almost everyone who came to her wake had some meaningful encounter with a bird.

I have have come to learn in many cultures around the world, birds are thought to carry the spirit of a person when they pass from this realm to the next. When my mum lost her mum at just 20 years old, her family went to Maine for Christmas. She went for a walk on Biddeford Pool beach and much to her amazement a snowy owl swooped down in front of her path. She always knew this magical encounter was her mum and we heard the beautiful story many times in our family.

When mum passed last year I secretly wanted to have this encounter too and have been seeing and hearing birds all over the place. When I drove to Kansas City last year I saw a hawk at literally every mile marker. My friend who was driving started calling me Hawk Eye Hayes! When I moved to live on the farm an owl’s hoot appeared almost every night. I remember even Ted (Carson’s dad and owner of the farm for 25+ years) saying he hadn’t heard owls there in awhile. Now we move into our incredible new apartment in Hamilton, and on our way there a Snowy Owl came to us.

I am still in shock from the other night’s communication with the East Hamilton Snowy Owl. I can hardly believe the timing and the lasting effect of such a gift. I feel as though I’m radiating. Something deep inside me feels released and great sense of renewed wonder, compassion and love is oozing out of me.

In search of animal medicine and teachings I took to the internet to learn a little bit more. The very first blog I found said this about Snowy Owls  “They are shape-shifters and carry the medicine of Sight Beyond Illusion.” When I read this I teared up, because that is what Carson and I have spent this last year working towards, and really the album itself represents our physical manifestation of that growth.

Today at Thorpe’s Organic Produce I spotted the local beaver swimming with a stick of wood in his mouth. I was just 4 feet away and I saw it’s magnificent tail as is swooped out of the water and came down in a splash. It felt like another good omen and what a blessing indeed. One thing I read about beavers is ” If you continue to stand on old foundations, new opportunities may be missed.” this seems extra relevant and wise today and this year.

I hope to see you all soon and share this new found energy and hope in person. Details for the two big shows are below. I really really cannot wait to get these tunes on their feet and give them a life of their own.

All my love,


ps – when you get your copy of the album there is a farm recording of one of the owls we heard on Thorpe’s Organic Produce back in September. It is at the start of the last track ‘Dream Last Night’. It is very quiet so you have to turn it up and listen carefully;-)

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