On this rainy Halloween I thought it was appropriate to share a trick and a treat! A teaser for the video to come. This Friday November 2nd at 3:30pm, Carson and I will be premiering live our video of ‘Four Leaf Clover’. Filmed and edited by our good friend and super talented human Julie Epp.

This song was inspired by a dear friend when she was getting married. I wanted to write a song to honour her love with her husband and this is what came about. Since they lived in Vancouver and me in Toronto (at the time), I didn’t have the chance to know my friends partner enough to write a song about them both. So I decided to write this love song with my story of how I met my friend and how she makes me feel having her in my life. Love is love and friendship love is some of the most powerful. It reminds us who we are, where we’ve come from and where we want to go. I love my friends and I bet you do to. Here’s to love and how it transforms us.

Would be great to hear from you… What does this song mean to you? How does it make you feel? Does it remind you of someone you love?

See you Friday at 3:30pm;)

xo Piper

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