You’re gonna wanna see this!!! A couple weeks ago me and my band put on an awesome show at the Toronto renowned Rivoli.
Here’s a little taste of what we’ve got…

Fool is about all those times you’ve walked away not saying what you wish you coulda had the courage to say. Worse yet you’ve said your piece and the line is dead on the other end. I am no fool.

They say we teach people how to treat us, well I say we teach ourselves how to have a voice. Here’s for all those who have stopped using their voice because they’ve been shut down one too many times. Nobody has the right to tell you you are too loud, too bossy, too picky, too demanding, too whiny…we all have reasons for why we need the things we need. Get to the bottom of those needs. Dig deep. Figure out how you can sustainably, and justly get these things. Then stand up to the demons in your life. Stand up to the people, to society, to the government, to your lovers, to your past, present and future, but most of all stand up for yourself.