When I first started thinking about who I am I had ideas out the wazoo. Almost to the point where I was crippled by them to do list app. I thought that my ability to learn quickly and get things done was more of a curse than a blessing. It meant that my whole life long I was always good at tons of thing, but never ‘the best’ at just one.

Now a days I’m not so sure I want to be good at just one, but as my good friend says “What is the limitation of being limitless.”…at first I had no answer. But then as I reflected on my life I realized this was my dilemma…too much choice, too much ability, too MUCH! Now this I now am aware will always be my biggest strength. My ability to grasp things on many different levels, connect with all different types of people, and be genuinely interested in almost any new thing that comes my way.

However, like all strengths, with delicious ability, comes it’s arch nemesis weakness. I look at my strength in a much different way now though. I look at them as the best of me and something to be cherished. Something to fully indulge in and explore. Something to take time with, not feel like it needs to be compressed. I need to take the vast array of ideas, creations, thoughts, visions, actions, reactions, smells, sounds, sights, and feelings, digest them in due time, then create something in the dorm of art. Give all these things the beautiful boundaries they deserve in order for our human minds to comprehend its existence. I need to take how I see the world and present to all of you in way you can take and interpret yourself. Hopefully you will be moved…whether its moved to pleasure or distaste I have no preference, as I am not looking for anything but a moment of your time in hopes of capturing you in my movement. If its not for you, well fabulous that you figure that out, if it is then we will this move forward together. I ask you to come listen, play, create, involve yourself, question and most of all observe. Use the boundaries I create to find your own. Make your thoughts actions and as your actions speak the loudest.

I will be posting on here snippets from my work in all it’s many forms. Feel free to comment, share, like, dislike, invite others and tell your stories. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds and I can’t wait to see the world….