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Piper & Carson (December 8, 2017)

“We can’t emphasize how wonderful it was to have Piper Hayes perform with her partner Carson Ritcey-Thorpe at our last show.”
– Sofar Sounds Waterloo (April, 2018)


“Building community with their music”
– The View Hamilton (cover story, Ric Taylor, Dec 2017)


“Aren’t you two just super cute, funky folk, and your melodies.”
– Humble and Fred Sirius XM (Humble Howard, Dec 2017)


“Piper and Carson have become darlings of the Canadian folk community for good reason.”
– Snapd College (Geremy Bordonaro, Dec 2017)


“Hamilton’s Piper Hayes Creates Beautiful Ethereal Soundscape on New Album”
– Hamilton Blues Lovers (Dec, 2017)


“Folkie Hamilton singer-songwriter Piper Hayes and her guitar-playing partner Carson Ritcey-Thorpe launch a new album “Piper & Carson”
– The Hamilton Spectator Best Bets (Graham Rockingham, Dec 2017)


“With a homespun sound and country charm, singer-songwriter Piper Hayes’s new album Piper and Carson will make listeners think about the world around them as they singalong to the folksy tracks.”
– Flamborough Review (Julia Lovett, Dec 2017)


“Rootsy Hamilton-based singer/songwriter Piper Hayes is about to release a new album”
– FYI Music News (Dec 2017)


“This is a thoughtful, beautiful album whose treasures are unlocked not only on the first listen, but on repeated spins.”
– Great Dark Wonder (Lesley , Nov 2017)


“Canadian folk singer, songwriter and social activist Piper Hayes celebrates the launch of her new full-length recording titled ‘Piper & Carson’”
– Cashbox Canada Features Music (Lenny Stout, nov 2017)


“Piper Hayes is back with new music!”
– Saverina Scozzari of Cable 14 Interview (Nov 2017)


“Beach-raised singer-songwriter Piper Hayes launches her new, full-length album, Piper and Carson, with two shows this December.”
– Beach Metro Entertainment Beat (Nov 2017)


“Canadian Beats had a chance to have a chat with Piper to talk about this release, music, writing and touring. Check out what she had to say”
– Interview Canadian Beats (Heather Young, Nov 2017)


 #3 CFMU Charts – CFMU 93.3 MHz Hamilton top top 30


“We really enjoyed having Piper & Carson join us on Folk Roots Radio! Definitely check out the release shows in Hamilton and TO for the new album. Promises to be a couple of nights of great music!”
– Jan Hall, Folk Roots Radio, Nov 2017


“The duo will be stopped in Medicine Hat for three shows in two days…”
– Medicine Hat News (Mo Cranker, June 2017)
“Hayes is on the road supporting her new EP, Goodbye Mister Nice Guy, which she has dubbed an unconventional breakup record.”
– Winnipeg Free Press (Erin Lebar, June 2017)
“Three very talented women took stage at the newly rechristened B-Side Lounge. Raine Hamilton, Piper Hayes and Abigail Lapell played a great selection of their own modern folk music in an astounding venue.”
–  snapd College (Geremy Bordonaro, May 2017)


GOODBYE MISTER NICE GUY (released October 14, 2016)

“We couldn’t keep her latest release, Goodbye Mister Nice Guy off our charts.”
– 93.3 CFMU (Rachel Connell, March 2017)
@ bringing us to tears with her beautiful lyrics. Thanks for being vulnerable with us.”
– Folk Alliance International Twitter (February, 2017)
“We’re glad you’ve made Hamilton home.”
– Annette Hamm, CHCH Music Friday (January 27, 2017) 
“…it feels good to cheer for someone who is good to be seen as herself and live a life as close to altruism as possible.”
– The Barbershop Podcast (Kevin Barber, December, 2016)
“When she’s not touring the world performing songs off her latest EP, she’s spreading awareness for the Canadian Mental Health Association.”
– Etalk (November 17, 2016)
“The harmonies in tandem with Carson Ritcey-Thorpe were spot on and Hayes went in search of the vulnerability and the hope in the songs, burnishing them to a shine via her forceful vocals and from the gut lyrics.”
– Features Music (Lenny Stoute, Cashbox Canada)
Snapd College Photos – Toronto release Party (Gianmarco Policelli)
 #3 CFMU Charts – CFMU 93.3 MHz Hamilton top top 30
“…bouncy new EP ‘Goodbye Mister Nice Guy” 
– Graham Rockingham’s Best Bets (Hamilton Spectator)
“While it’s catchy pop music, there are definite deeper connotations to the music Piper Hayes is fashioning.”
– Hamilton Music Notes pg 12 (Ric Taylor, The View)
“Listen to Piper Hayes” 
– Things To Do in Hamilton October 13th, 2016 (Conrad Collaco, CBC Hamilton) 
“Heartache can spawn incredible art…” – Jamie Gutfreund
– CP24 Breakfast – Oct 9, 2016
“…one woman dynamo Piper Hayes launches her sophomore EP”
– Features Music (Lenny Stoute, Cashbox Canada)
“lovely Hamilton musician Piper Hayes”
– Music Monday Q&A (Saverina Scozzari of Cable 14)
On Air Interview Jewel 88.5 – What She Said w/ Christine Bentley & Kate Wheeler, starts 42:07 (October 9, 2016)
Blog Post – What She Said (Jewel 88.5)
On Air Interview CFMU 93.3 – Free Wheelin’ Folk w/ Jim Marino (Oct 8th, 2016)
On Air Interview CFMU 93.3  – Lullabies in Razorland w/ Ric Taylor (Oct 7th, 2016)
On Air Interview Radio Regent – Corby’s Orbit w/ Paul Corby ( Oct 7th, 2016)
Liner Notes: Bullet News For October 5 – FYI Music News (David Farrell)
“Goodbye Mister Nice Guy, a stirring, catchy piece of folk-pop”
– Beach songstress Piper Hayes finds inspiration in heartbreak (Anna Killen, Beach Metro News)

In The News 

“I have been taking it upon myself as of late to challenge music venues on how they treat musicians,” – Piper Hayes 
– Is Pay-To-Play Ever Acceptable (Michael Raine, Canadian Music Magazine)
“The only way to create change is through unity.” – Hayes

 AIN’T NOTHIN’ LIKE… (Released September 18, 2014)

“It’s acoustic-based pop, with a little folk and a bit more soul, and a lot emotion.” 
– Music Review of the Day (Bob Mersereau)


“Piper’s playful performance-style is filled with creative story-telling marked by vocal and melodic whimsy.” 
– Eight Canadian Indie Artists To Watch For (Metro News)


“You have a beautiful voice…” – Jamie Gutfreund 
– CP24 Breakfast – Sept 13, 2014


“Piper Hayes is WAY too young to have been in the 60s folk scene but she sure sounds like she came straight out of it and its decorous outfall, kind of like a cross between Melanie Safka, Janis Ian, and a bunch of the time’s chanteuses without ever seeming quite like any of them.” 
– Fame Review (Mark S. Tucker)


“Interviewing Piper Hayes is a sweet treat! She openly shares romantic spicy stories about love affairs in far flung destinations, creating music and working with children. She’s infectiously full of life and lives her life well.” 
– Girth Radio – Sept 24, 2014


“Sample our pick from the 11 song disc” 
– The Weeks Top New Songs (New Canadian Music)


“NYC-born, Toronto-raised folk singer/songwriter Piper Hayes has excelled onstage in both cities, and she has also toured Europe… She has a bright and breezy voice” 
– Review (New Canadian Music)


“Top ten!” – CHRY 105.5 MHz – North York Top 30 – (Earshot Radio)


“…out to set you off into a good time in its tribute to the “Love Song”. Of course it all wouldn’t work without being a brief but terrific song [Love Song]” 
– Say Cheese: ‘Love Song’ (BILLCS Music Blog)


“This Toronto artist brings it all home… Sounds like: Some decade or many” 
– More Music From The Inbox 13 (Larry Lootsteen – A Journal Of Musical Things)


“…an album that allows one to reflect on their experiences and get lost in a world of darkness and light.” 
– Bill MacLean, Entertainment Beat (Beach Metro)


“Her on stage demeanour is relaxed, and she looks like, wait for it…she’s actually having fun! Many performers need to take note of this little nugget of wisdom. If you enjoy yourself, there’s a greater chance the audience will enjoy themselves! Mind you, it also helps if you have talent, which Ms Hayes has lots of!” 
– Bobby Singh, Piper Hayes at Music City North (FOH Photography)
© Piper Hayes 2017