10710019_10101106201375581_265090418_oOk so today was my day to get some work done on the blog, on my mail list, on life! But nope the universe had other plans for me. As I left my house to go walk my friends dog Karma (lol), I realized I had grabbed my parents house key instead of my house key. What a bummer?! Well yes and no.

I went on my way to take care of the dog, hoping that when I got back my super who lives in the building would be home with a key. Off I went, met a friend along the way that I was supposed to meet later. Good thing she was the only plan I had! When I got back from my walk/run with my furry friend my super was home, but he had no key!!!! Oh snap. Day change.

We luckily got in touch with my landlord who has a key, but he could only come by around 8pm! It was only 2:30 at this point. What was I to do? Well in this case I certainly didn’t have much choice. I had to make the best of my day regardless of circumstance. Is this not what we need to do always!?

So off I went to meet my friend and we ventured out to Cafe Pamenar in Kensington Market. I literally met up with old friends and new…most of them these incredibly powerful women, who reminded me of what I want my next project to be and where I want the winds of change to take me. It was wonderful to connect and reconnect with people I love so much and have so much respect for.

Then we went to print some posters for an awesome farmer’s market and concert I will be a part of on October 19th at Thorpe’s Organic Farm. Check it out and get involved in local organic produce and people. It’s gonna be a weekend of camping, music, friends, community and food. I just am so happy I went to visit Pots at 4 Life Organic Market (257 Augusta) the other day and met my new friend Leah. We’ve been having so much fun together planning and laughing. LUCKY me! It is so cool to become acquainted with a whole new community of awesome people.

Anyways needless to say I ran into people ALL day and it was fabulous. I highly recommend when you have an opportunity to change the course of your day to do so. Don’t fight it. Take it as it comes as we will never know exactly what is next. Stop to hear what the universe has to say, you just might like it!

Here I am signing off for now! As I’m a tired little puppy (like the one in the window above).