I feel truly blessed. As I sit here writing this blog, I enjoy the comfort of a hot cup of coffee and the most comfortable couch ever (which doubles as my bed). I just cannot put into words how grateful I feel. Everything is in alignment and for once in my life I feel at peace with myself and my surroundings.

When I applied for VIA Rails musicians on airs program, I originally applied to go out west to Vancouver. Some of my best friends live there and because I went to UBC for two years I know it and have a community in which I will take any chance I get to go visit. When VIA approved my application they said they were able to send me to Halifax, however and not Vancouver. Well I sure wasn’t going to turn them down.

So here I am in Halifax. Learning about a new city and its people. I’d been out this way as a child when my dad worked on the movie ‘Two if By Sea’ and when my sister was at Kings I came for a visit. Now I’ve returned as an adult and apparently a musician lol.

I didn’t book a show in downtown Halifax and in turn it has made me more open and aware of the goings on. I’ve spent time scoping out the best of the best open mic nights and so off I will head this week…until Thursday when I play Porters Lake Pub


As mentioned in my last blog, the train out here was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! Everything about it brought me joy. One of the most significant things to note where the people. In fact all of the people I’ve met out here have far surpassed and well lived up to my expectations of the east coast reputation! Here’s an example for you…

This is my new friend Tanya


We met on the train. She came to the dome car the first night to see the show task manager. We talked after and obviously became fast friends. Today we went on an adventure to Peggy’s Cove.



I think the photos speak for themselves! Especially these weirdo lobster stuffies lol and googley eyed rocks bahah…




I must say I am having a blast. Relaxation, people, tourist sights and beauty!

Yesterday Jonnie-lyn took me to the market too…





Off to more adventures tomorrow! For today I’m now in relax mode. Tune in again!!!!!