Piper, Carson and the Monthly Sound Part 6

Piper & Carson

June 25, 2016 Hamilton


Time : 6PM
Venue : FARM Concert

This will mark the 6th event hosted by Piper and Carson. Their monthly musical concerts have proven succes in encouraging community, inspiration, the meeting of new folks and GOOOOD MUSIC. This round will be held at THE FARM, with a massive bonfire and good cheer. Maybe even some baked potatoes!

What more could you need than good music, fire, good folk and the moon and stars?

Please message me for details as it is a private event and invite only! Get ready for amazing stories, music and laughter, don’t forget to bring your best friends and listening bodies.

This month of February our musical guest is Kevin Foster

Piper Hayes Quote:
“The start of something great…
It has always been a dream of mine to host and build community events. I figure why not now, in my own space.

I’ve never understood competition in the music world and hope to create a safe space for creation and experience to happen between experienced musicians.
I plan to make these evenings another option to hanging out a bar on Saturday night. Music shouldn’t need alcohol to keep it alive. It needs a space to be about music again, and I know quite a few who feel similarly;-)

Come one come all, check out my new digs, drink a cup of tea, have a beer, snacks provided, and best of all music too. This will be a donation event to help pay for the musicians we have as guests. News to come  each month as to which exciting musicians will play alongside me and Carson. Oh and by the way if you are needing a place to stay over night in Hamilton because you do not live nearby, talk to me, I will make it happen;-)”