Piper and Raine #3

Piper Hayes

May 15, 2017 Toronto


Time : 8-11pm
Venue : B-Side Lounge (formerly Touché)
Address : 669 College St.
Contact Website : https://www.facebook.com/ToucheCollege/

Hayes is teaming up with Winnipeg’s Raine Hamilton, for a leg of her southern Ontario tour. This will be the third of four shows. On this fine evening they will be joined by the incredible Abigail Lapell.

Raine Hamilton

Be transported to a deeply honest place. Her true and clear voice carries you there, bravely cutting through to the heart. There, in the rough and beautiful places, she finds her songs, ringing with courageous transformation, rich with inventive melody, and imbued with sage lyrics; a witching hour walk through universal love, trust and joy.


Abigail Lapell is a Canadian folk-noir singer-songwriter based in Toronto. A fluid lyricist and multi-instrumentalist, Lapell draws freely from folk-roots, indie and punk-rock traditions. Her story-songs are unapologetic and unguarded, carried by the sound of her wintry voice, piano, harmonica and finger style guitar. Likened to such greats as Will Oldham and Gillian Welch, Lapell’s performance is passionate and sentimental without being maudlin. She will release her sophomore album, Hide Nor Hair, in early 2017.