While working on life and all that comes along with the package, sometimes we feel stuck. We feel like nothing is ever going to change and that we will be where we are at forever. Sometimes we can be producing and creating beautiful things, moving from one job to the next and to the outside world, we are a SUCCESS. Fascinating right!? But does the outside world always see, understand or even try and figure out what’s really going on? Do we really know what goes on behind the scenes and what it takes to get from point A to point B?

I think, not knowing and not sharing is a great detriment to society. It creates a false sense of reality for a great number of people and a need for immediacy that only brings pain. Being in a position myself of moving from one space to another and ultimately desiring some kind of arrival or destination, is proving rather false. The need is sometimes so ingrained however, that my energy goes poof out the window and into the hands of an undeserving onlooker.

In the creation of this website, there where ups and downs, ebbs and flows, epiphanies and disasters. It started over tea, and the talk was of a website, and a logo. What it has come to be is a life long friendship and so much more. In the end, in just three months time, I am already seeing the fruits of our labour and the manifestation of our magic.

First of all I got to work with someone that is a best friend, a mentor, a teacher, a designer, and an incredible artist…I mean there are NOT a lot of things that Eugenia Catroppa is not…I think the site speaks for itself. Truly her ability to capture my essence knows no bounds (wait till you see the completed Live In NYC album design). I am eternally grateful for the lessons she has shared, time dedicated, and overall energy she has given to my project.

Eugenia, like myself is someone who has a real knack for multiple things. This is probably why we get along so splendidly. People tend to get confused by those who are good at many things. I see it happen all the time. I have friends with post docs that have trouble finding work because they are over qualified, and I sometimes literally sit and watch conversations where peoples eyes glaze over when the person they’re talking to mentions they do more than one thing with their life! Part of it is intimidation, part of it’s fear, but I also have come to know that is lack of exposure.

We live in a very linear world where devoting one’s attention to one thing is praised and put on a pedestal. Don’t get me wrong I think focus and perseverance are valuable traits that lend to this linear thinking. They are not, however the only things necessary for exploring one’s full self, and shouldn’t always be pigeon-hole attentioned to one thing. Yes I think Eugenia was right when she told me there is a limit to being limitless, but more and more I realize this is true because of the unwritten rules that we have set up in our society.

I meet a lot of people who are good at a lot of things. It is almost as if their capabilities know no bounds. The bounds of external infliction is how they suffer. They are up against an ever growing population of small minded, uneducated, and under exposed little brains, and they end up being bound by THEIR rules of limitation.

And it’s all funny, because what makes someone interesting to me is the very fact that they are good at MANY things. I personally like to know all of someone. I don’t want words to define who they are. Language seems so very primitive, and can only invoke so much. I want to hear, see and feel every experience they’ve had. I want to know their interests and what makes them tick. If they don’t know what they’re good at and what they want to do with their abilities, that’s boring. Sometimes I think we are so afraid to shine, so afraid to stand out and be heard, so afraid to actually pursue whatever it is that makes us feel complete, because it’s a risk that most are not taking…so why be the only one, when that road can be very lonely?…Trust me I ask myself this everyday and the only answer I get is I have no other choice.

Fear, it robs us of our ability to care for ourselves. It has a purpose oh yes, and we must understand it’s purpose so as to use it when needed. When we are not in life an death situations, however it serves less purpose and we do not need it half as much as we use it. For most of us it can become crippling, and I know in my own life for a long time it was. It can greatly prevent us from moving forward and living our lives. And it can limit us to less than we truly are.

I wanna work with people who are more qualified than me. Eugenia is just that. I want to work with people who challenge me to rise to my very best and nothing less, Eugenia is this also. I can’t tell you everything about Eugenia right now, but there are projects beyond the website that are in the works, and will be documented soon on this very blog…so don’t forget to come back (wink).

Let me not forget that included in Eugenia Catroppa’s LONG list of talents, next to her fashion design, are her events. And the next one coming up is not to be missed. It will be at the El Mocambo on April 27th, doors at 7pm. I will be performing with my band, bringing in Spring and officially launching my newest album Live In NYC as part of the festivities. It’s going to be amazingly fun and refreshingly freeing.

Finally in conclusion, this is the very reason I want to work with the fabulous Eugenia Catroppa…

She made this! And it is a testament to her nature and the types of people she works for. So don’t be slack and don’t play nice just so that someone else can be comfortable. Disturb your fears and put them to bed. Get out there start doing, and start working for what your meant to do!

Yours ever truly,