This week I took the train from Montreal to Halifax! I was in Montreal one night in transition from NYC. I stayed with some incredible friends and even got in a mountain run in the morning!

Then I walked on down to VIA rail I. Montreal where I was asked by the ticketing to sing Frere Jacque so I did haha. Then I got to lounge in the business class area. Free juice, water etc and nice ppl.

Once aboard the train I opened the door to my sleeper car and danced for joy as I loved the smart use of space and efficient building style. I was over the moon naked singing and dancing (because the rainy sweaty walk over called for a shower…which was also a toilet in one…euro style).

I played my first show in the Dome car at the very end of the train. All seats where full…even some of the ground was taken up (by furry friends, service dogs in training). It was a lovely show and I was joined by a new musical friend Jim who I met earlier in the dining car and had dinner with.

Stayed up late and made friends with all the crew. What fabulous people! I can’t even tell you. I had moments with all and uplifting conversations. Made a new friend on the train that might take me on more Halifax adventures too…like Peggy’s cove.

That night I sat In my room looking out the window at the massive New Brunswick pines covered in snow. My lights were out and it was one of the most magical experiences I’ve EVER had. It was like the polar express. I swear I wouldn’t need TV if I had this every night.

I the morning I took a second shower cause it is just too cool! Then I played a show in the lounge where I met a whole new whack of amazing people. By the end of the show I was selling CDs and passing the guitar around, sharing the musical love.

I just had the best time EVER thanks to VIA rail…seriously they did not ask me to post this, but I have to because it was so incredible!!!! I was sad for it to end cause it was just that wonderful. A real moment in time happened.

Then I got picked up at the station in Halifax by an old friend from high school who I haven’t seen in probably 10 years. We picked up right where we left off (gr. 9 gym).

Halifax Halifax…what do I do with you and your wonderful people. I’ve been sleeping in and yesterday went for a beautiful sunset/moonrise run! So breathtaking and inspiring.

Then last night I went to an open mic with a ‘small but mighty’ audience of more amazing people. I am just having a blast. Now me and Jonnie are off to the market! What next!???

Bring it all on.