In watching a not so good TV show this week I came across a couple good song picks….The first one I’ll share with you is by a band called legs…it’s called “There’s a Sadness In My Heart”…In light of the shifting spring, the name of this song and the lyrics I think is super fitting. And obvi I am always attracted to the dark shit!!!

I typed the lyrics below…but I’m sure some of them are wrong!!!…you can probably get the gist…

There’s A Sadness In My Heart – LEGS

there’s a sadness in my heart
and it trickles down my spine
it burns a hole right through my chest
to the other side

and now it’s livin’ in my lungs
oooo it’s building its home there
and with every brick and stone it lays
its using up my air
and I’m singin’

ooooo oooo
ooooo huuuuaah

and now we’re
livin’ on the devil’s land
we’re planting our crops there
we’re drinkin’ down his poison
yeah we’re drinkin’ from his well

but any night in summer
once that golden sun is set
he’ll take your hand and dance and bite it
help you to forget

that you’re singin’

ooooo oooo
ooooo huuuuaah

their singin’

and if you see him riding
in the setting sun
and you feel it a livin’in your lungs
you better ask yourself
if guiding sounds like fun

cause you can only hide your troubles for so long
yeah you can only hid your troubles for so long

until they hold your gut
and you are left singin’ their