I still can’t really believe that Carson and I were on the cover of The View Hamilton! It still feels a bit like a dream to have woken up that December 7th day to our faces all around town. Then to top it off, we read the inside article and it brought the waterworks into full swing. This album has been a real journey; there have been many ups and many downs. Carson and I are feeling all the love and support that we so craved with the making of this very real and personal musical soundscape.

I must say I am also overjoyed that the music is getting to those who are needing it most, and we are continually hearing from folks who have been moved. This is exactly the response we were hoping for. This album is about so much more than music and it seems like folks from all over are absorbing this and truly taking it to heart. If you haven’t had a chance to listen I highly encourage you to do so. We always love hearing from you, so please don’t ever hesitate to reach out.

This was my very first cover story and I feel like shamelessly promoting it because it’s pretty F*%&$ing cool! Last night we stayed at the farm and heard the owl again. We’ve barely stopped since the release and are still needing much sleep. I know I’m also really looking forward to some delish food this weekend and family hang times. Wishing you all rest, love and that you get whatever it is you need at this challenging time of year.

So much love…until next time 😉




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