So I leave tomorrow…well technically today! But I haven’t gone to bed yet. Anyways I’ve been listening to this song lately and then realized it kind of applied to me and now and today!!!! So I thought I’d sing it to kick of my new journey.

I love the fall cause it means change…and no flakey kind of change, it means business. This is how my life feels like right now as I embark on this new leg of my life journey. I’ll be heading to Europe for my first international tour! I can’t wait to see familiar faces and new friends in all the cities I’ll be visiting. I can’t wait to be welcomed into others lives.

It’s funny tonight I was thinking about how small one feels when traveling. How miniature our life feels when it’s packaged up and moved out. Moved out no less to new places and new experiences. This is what I’ll take with me as I hit the runway tomorrow…the feeling of unknown and the feeling of how unimportant most things we stress about really are.

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…