Tackling themes of anti-racism, Indigenous sovereignty and respecting the Earth, the album is strikingly relevant to the topics currently explored by media today.”

Tracy Huynh, The Silhouette

Piper & Carson definitely walk the talk”

Jan Hall, Folk Roots Radio

New Album Out Now!

Edgewalker's Remedy

remembering a way to an imagined future

October 23, 2020: Piper & Carson's newest musical creation is centered on the themes of healing trauma, shifting narratives, reconciliation and seeking wonder. Edgewalker's Remedy is a musical exploration of people’s intersections: showcasing shifting paradigms and encouraging examination. We must reframe our relationship with the planet and move away from the idea of hierarchy; remember everything is cyclical and we have a role to play as stewards. This collection of songs will help disarm the listener and nudge them towards healing, asking questions, reclaiming their power and joy.

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    Grandmother's Wisdom

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    Sweet 3:23
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From festival stages to intimate house concerts, Piper & Carson remind us of why we go to see live music. Their songwriting is free and fiercely personal; as if it’s been running in the woods, washing in cold water, and howling with wolves. The couples undeniable chemistry and onstage presence draws the audience into the conversation. Piper’s immersive storytelling provides context and familiarity bringing their original music to life. After first meeting on Carson’s father’s organic vegetable farm, they’ve spent the last five years touring Turtle Island coast-to-coast, showcasing at international Folk Conferences, touring overseas to the Netherlands and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. October 23, 2020 marked the official release of “a wonderful new recording "Edgewalker's Remedy" - a concept album specifically designed to provoke reflection about our lives and what we all take for granted.” - Jan Hall, Folk Roots Radio, which comes after their critically acclaimed 2017 release ‘Piper & Carson’. Their work is deeply rooted in intention and both strive to use their platform to forward social change. This duo will make you believe that folk music can change the world.

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