One of the things I strive to do with my voice is help amplify other voices. It is incredibly powerful and I believe necessary to centre the voices of individuals, communities and organizations who are doing human rights, land defence and water protection work in this world. The design of the settler colonial capitalist structure we are all a part of conditions us to believe our voice will not be heard. For some, this is true more than others and in fact can be quite dangerous to speak out.  

My journey over the last few years has been dedicated to unpacking and acknowledging my privilege so that I might be more able to be a part of dismantling hierarchical systems of violence and oppression. As a white skinned settler living on stolen land I feel it is my responsibility to be part of breaking the harmful cycles of the current structure we partake in and aim to support those who have been doing this work much longer than myself.  

I wanted to include a resource section on this website to help direct others to communities who are doing necessary work that benefits all of us. I do this with the hopes that is might inspire others to learn, grow, take action and also to help keep myself accountable to all those I’ve learned from in my own healing journey.  

I see the voice and our identity as a part of a much bigger collective. This is why it feels imperative to keep a living resources page here on my website to share the voices I am following and wishing to support. This list is by no means exhaustive and or ever complete. I do hope it helps others find orientation and give space to those who have had a huge impact on my own growth.