Voice is something that in the process of illness we often lose. Self expression and self identity get tangled up in the stories we tell ourselves or the labels placed upon us from a young age. In the investigation of these stories, labels and fears, we create a healthier understanding of who we are and who we want to be. Music and singing are powerful ways to explore emotion and feeling good, something we too often deprive ourselves of. Whether you are looking to speak more clearly, be heard, stand in your own expression, improve your singing voice, work on public speaking, or simply want to try a new form of healing, voice work really is for everyone. 

It takes the whole body to produce sound. By delving into the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of sound production we uncover the multi-layered nature of our bodies and psyche. I understand our identities to be complex, political, nuanced and hugely affected by intersectionality. The internal and external aspects of who we are can deeply shape our experience in the physical. My work is rooted in the aim to guide us through these necessary acknowledgements of experience as well as lift up the power of the individual and collective voice.

Have you ever imagined what it might look like to be loud, be heard and be proud? To like the sound of your voice? To feel pleasure from using your voice in a way that is holistically you? It might be time to reclaim your body and self-expression. Find the full power of your voice and unlock the potential for new levels of healing. I hope to provide safer space for all seeking this kind of exploration.